Web platform to promote local energy communities


The project arises from the need to achieve the energy objectives of decarbonization set by the European Union, through processes for the creation of energy communities throughout the territory that allow cooperative and equitable access to renewable energy, following the maxim of leaving no one behind.


The main objective is to boost the energy transition of the building stock towards decarbonization by promoting the creation of energy communities from an inclusive and supportive perspective.


The project’s approach is to build a knowledge base for the entire Catalan territory, from metropolitan areas to micro-villages, to uncover the potential for creating energy communities and the advantages they bring at social level -greater cohesion and empowerment-, economic level -lower energy costs- and environmental level -reduction of consumption and decarbonization-. Aware of the danger of the transition taking place on the basis of inequality, the differential premise is the inclusion of the entire built fabric of towns and cities, avoiding that, once again, the most vulnerable sectors are left out of the process precisely in a post-covid19 stage in which, in all likelihood, energy poverty will worsen.

In this sense, the project has 5 specific objectives:

1. From metropolitan areas to micro-villages. Generate a knowledge base that encompasses the entire territory of Catalonia on the potential for creating energy communities.

2. Leave no one behind. Facilitate planning at municipal level for the creation of a local network of energy communities from the perspective of inclusion and solidarity.

3. Oriented to real projects. Provide the technical basis to market entities and companies for the rapid and large-scale implementation of energy community projects.

4. Empower citizens. Encourage and advise on the creation of energy communities through the transmission of key information to citizens.

5. Digitize access to information. Development of an intuitive and user-friendly online platform aimed at citizens and neighbourhood communities, market entities and companies, and the administration.


The online platform Somcomunitatenergetica.cat will be the resulting tool where all the knowledge generated will be accessible and will facilitate communication between key players in the energy transition. Providing, in an agile and intuitive way, the appropriate key indicators for the administration, for market entities and companies and for neighbourhood communities, with a view to public planning, the implementation of large-scale projects, and citizen empowerment.

Project developed within the framework of Programa Aracoop promogut pel Departament de Treball, Afers Socials i Famílies de la Generalitat de Catalunya i finançat pel Ministerio de Trabajo y Economía Social.


Cíclica [space·community·ecology], Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya (IREC), Dies d’Agost, Electra Caldense i Associació de Micropobles de Catalunya


Programa Projectes Singulars 2020-2021

Project year



4 de February de 2021


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