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culturesenergetiques.cat  is a platform with six learning modules on the use of energy in the home and the logic of investment in appliances and interventions in buildings.  


The objective of the project is to provide citizens with tools to better understand their own building and home, and generate learning about improving habits at home and investment logics in residential building renovations, in order to optimize the energy bill and improve comfort in the home.


The framework was born from the “Hard-to-reach Energy Users” project of the International Energy Agency, which aims to identify, define and prioritize the HTR (Hard-to-Reach) public, and design, measure and share effective strategies to involve those public to achieve energy, demand response and climate objectives, in addition to meeting the needs of access to energy and social and environmental equity.

From this perspective, the theoretical model used for the development of the definition, content and tools of the project has used the conceptual framework of “Energy Cultures” designed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from different fields such as physics, economics, law, psychology and sociology (Stephenson, J. (2010). Energy Cultures: A framework for understanding energy behaviours). . 


The work is specified in a platform that allows to visualize a series of information and personalized advice on the optimization of energy in the home.

The tool is developed through a didactic sequence structured in six modules:

  • The electricity bill
  • Lighting
  • Household appliances
  • Thermal comfort
  • Building renovations
  • Self-consumption

Project developed within the framework of Programa Aracoop promogut pel Departament de Treball, Afers Socials i Famílies de la Generalitat de Catalunya i finançat pel Ministerio de Trabajo y Economía Social.

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Cíclica [space·community·ecology]


Diputació de Barcelona; Gerència de Serveis d'Habitatge, Urbanisme i Activitats

Project year



22 de February de 2023


Energy cultures, Resources