Preliminary project for the rehabilitation of the Camps Blancs neighbourhood in Sant Boi de Llobregat


The preliminary project of rehabilitation is the continuity of the report called “Municipal Strategy of Sant Boi de Llobregat” made by Cíclica in 2019. The drafting of the preliminary project includes architectural, energy and economic studies of the Camps Blancs district that allow the definition of rehabilitation strategies.  


The objective of the project is to define the rehabilitation and maintenance interventions of residential buildings to promote urban regeneration and renewal. 


The interventions chosen are based on the energy vulnerability of the existing buildings and the consequent effectiveness of the intervention to improve their energy behaviour. The constructive solutions adopted are aimed at reducing the energy demand of homes by at least 30% and, therefore, contribute to the reduction of energy consumption for heating. The energy simulations are carried out with the  Herramienta Unificada LIDER-CALENER (HULC).

In order to achieve this objective, the incorporation of insulation in the building envelope is foreseen to minimise the losses that are produced through the facades, roofing and sanitary flooring.  Different alternatives of materials and constructive solutions are taken into account, giving priority to those with the least environmental impact. 


The intervention proposal is based on the detailed energy evaluation of the buildings that form the Camps Blancs district according to the following indicators:

  • Emissions from CO₂ associated with heating [kgCO2/m²∙year] [kgCO2/m2∙any]
  • Final consumption associated with heating [kWh/m²∙year] [kWh/m2∙any]
  • Heating energy demand of the current state [kWh/m²∙year] [kWh/m2∙any]
  • Heating energy demand of the scenario after the proposed interventions [kWh/m²∙year] [kWh/m2∙any]

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24 de March de 2020


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