FesCamp is an annual festival that combines action and reflection to turn the citizens’ gaze towards their surroundings. It is based on a community work process through artistic and collaborative practices which promote a critical reflection of Sant Cugat del Vallés from a sustainability lens.

Its objective is to identify the deficiencies and the sustainable opportunities in the peri-urban context and to strengthen neighborhood cohesion and social relations the neighborhoods of Mirasol, La Foresta, Las Planes, and Valldoreix. These are all areas of Sant Cugat faced with dispersed residential growth due to the agroforestry on the north face of the mountain range of Collserola.

Although there are protected forest preserves in this area, the pressure from the housing crisis and the state of the territory between the city and nature not only cause difficulties in neighborhood cohesion and the urban fabric of the residential area, but the myriad of impacts to nature also affects the forests and the aquatic ecosystem and creates a disconnection between people and nature, increasing ignorance of the natural resources in the area. For these reasons, it is necessary to intervene in a creative and comprehensive way to improve the citizen-to-environment relationship and citizen-to-citizen relationship and to look for solutions to the diverse problem present.

The projects of FesCamp are based on partnership between the local community member and the artist. In the first phase, locals propose topics related to the objectives of Fescamp and the topics are presented and selected. In the second phase, artists choose the topic/local and propose a project to develop in the theme.

In the second edition, seven projects were developed:

-Walk & Talk MiraSol. By Edu Comelles and the Neighborhood Association of Sant Joan of Mira-Sol

-The Feeling of a Journey. By Lawu and the Leonardo da Vinci Institute

Nature Paradise. With Joana Calsamiglia, the Ortiga and the Training and Insertion Program of Sant Cugat del Vallès.

-The Edible Forest. By Alessandro Ardovini, Marc Salvador, and the Association of Residents of La Serreta Bosc d’en Saladrigues

-Explain Your Valldoreix. By Mixité and the School Jaume Ferran and Clua.

-Drawing the Floresta, Building the Neighborhood! By Cristina Curto and the Coordinator of the Jabalí Cultural de la Floresta Entities

-Marge agriculture of Sant Cugat, Voices and Spaces. By Alerta Amazónica and the Ateneo Civic Center Sant Cugat.


10 de May de 2015


Energy cultures, Territory and landscape