Document Building a common home. A global vision

The building sector is in a transformation process caused not only by the economic crisis, but also the everchanging population. This caused an avalanche of issues including a rise in housing demand leading to inflated housing prices and skewed housing value. The sector has started to create methods in order to adapt to the new circumstances (improving materials and constructing elements, creating energy standards), but it is doing so without global objectives or reference strategies.

This document, developed as the first page of the Conferencia WSB14 held in 2014 in Barcelona, aims to present to different members involved in the sector (those responsible for global politics, members of the sector, the general public…) the the need of a global vision for the sector and a proposal to correctly define it.

It is a global vision that allows the construction sector to be prepared to face worldwide environmental challenges– the changing climate, the loss of biodiversity, the economic crisis – all while responding to the livability needs of the world population and the creation of a sector capable of generating a necessary economic development.

The report is presented not to make a thorough analysis of the challenges of the global or local sector, or to offer solutions or strategies to address beyond those already provided by consultation studies by various global organizations. It is developed with the intention to present some of these environmental and social challenges – the needs regarding climate change and the needs of livability – with the purpose of beginning to construct a global vision, or at minimum, to instigate a necessary discussion for its establishment.

To do this, the document gathers information from different international organizations that analyze the situation in various forms. It simultaneously creates proposals to understand and to overcome the current situation and the potential risks along this path. The information gathered from consulting with external organizations will be influenced by different ideas and values, therefore, enriching the debate this publication hopes to bring with new perspectives.


Cíclica [space·community·ecology] and Albert Cuchí (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Gala Fombella


Green Building Council España (GBCe)

Project Year



31 de October de 2014


Energy cultures, Modelos energéticos de escala urbana