Web platform to promote building renovation

Proposal  Attending the urgent environmental and social needs facing them, and the funding opportunity of the European recovery funds: What role should the social and solidarity economy play? Is the social and solidarity economy really prepared and organized today? What alternative proposal can you offer in the face of

Mobile app for improving energy practices at home

Proposal UpEnergy is a mobile app to improve energy practices at home. The proposal is committed to the use of information technology and gamification, as an effective strategy to promote learning and the generation of bonds within communities, overcoming the barriers that limit our relationship with

Energy renovation strategy with local resources in the Tiétar Valley

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URBAN3R. LTRS 2020 open data web platform

Proposal This tool is focused on promoting urban regeneration in Spain and helping decision-making for the design of regeneration plans and strategies at an urban scale, from the neighborhood to the municipal scale, in line with the  ERESEE 2020 (Long-term Renovation Strategy of Spain). Objectives The main objective

Energy renovation plan in Barcelona

Proposal The project arises from the desire of the IERMB and the O-HB to carry out an exploratory study to uncover the potential for improvement in the existing residential stock of the city of Barcelona in order to achieve the objectives of improving the quality of

Support to neighborhood communities to promote renovation

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Web platform for improving energy culture in homes

Proposal The project arises from the need for a transformative process in our society to mitigate and adapt to the effect of climate change. While proposals to reduce energy use in buildings have typically focused on the physical, technological, or economic aspects of the built environment,

Web platform to promote local energy communities

Proposal The project arises from the need to achieve the energy objectives of decarbonization set by the European Union, through processes for the creation of energy communities throughout the territory that allow cooperative and equitable access to renewable energy, following the maxim of leaving no one

PAS-E. Building Renovation Passport

Proposal The project is a response to the sector’s demand for the need to develop a new high quality, technical and reliable instrument, capable of integrating the different existing tools and seals, and that enables to accelerate the energy renovation of buildings in accordance with Directive

Preliminary project for the rehabilitation of the Camps Blancs neighbourhood in Sant Boi de Llobregat

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